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Current Driver

Andrew Knowlers



First Raced By and Year

Somebody from John Sydney Racing 1983

Successive Drivers

Rob Farrer (Victoria)

Car Info / Engine

350 Chev

Car Info / Front Axle


Car Info / Steering

Max Box

Built By and Year

Unknown 1993

Major Placings

I believe was Victoria 1 in a limited Sprintcar form in country Victoria in the Mid - late 80's no other History is known on looks or drivers

Special Features

Replica of Bill porter Sprintcar. Was built in Discussions with him & his family. Chassis was made by somebody working at John Sydney racing at the time. Built out of hours simular to a Stanton spec chassis

Car Info / Body


Car Info / Rear Axle


Car Info / Wheels

6 Pin Dralite

Car Info / Gear Box

In - Out Slider

Car Info / Brakes

Wilwood Disc



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