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Old SACSA Club Photos

Speedway Park 5/12/1980

Photo's 2001
Photos From Crafter Production's 

Speedway Park 6.2.1981

SACSA Members Photos
Now and then.


Peter Denton Daughter was in Napa California 2015, came across Jimmy Visser a local Chevrolet and Toyota dealer, A NEW  CAE sprint car in the showroom, he also had his Indy car on display. It has never been on a track 

Cartoon Clips


Photo’s  of Alex Rowe’s midget at Camden race track near Adelaide in 1936. Alex built the car using the motor from Beau Fuss’s High cam Harley, Maurie Oliver built the body and Aub Ramsey is driving. Other photo’s show Beau Fuss and Maurie Oliver and Jim Richards at 1936 Victor Harbor Continental GP and car details.