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The South Australian Classic Speedway Association (SACSA) was formed in 1989 with

the guidance and leadership of Dean Qualmann and by a small group of enthusiasts who

had  an interest in preserving the speedway history of South Australia.

At this time speedway was undergoing a number of transitions and there was a concern

that many of the bikes, cars and information would be lost or destroyed.

Those enthusiasts were successful, and today the club has over 100 members with a

number of bikes and cars available for display or demonstrations.



If you would like to attend any of the SACSA meetings, or are interested in joining,

please see the TAB CONTACT US.

It is not necessary to have owned a vehicle to be a member of SACSA.

An interest in classic speedway is all that’s required.

Visitors are always welcome.


The Club currently supports the following classic classes of vehicles:

* Solos Bikes

* Sidecars

* TQ’s


* Supermodifieds

* Stockcars, Sportsman, Stockrods and Saloon Cars

* Early Sprintcars  


The Club encourages owners, and potential owners to research the history of vehicles before purchasing or commencing a restoration.

Authenticity is the key word, and vehicles are judged against photo’s taken when the vehicle was originally raced.

When displayed, the vehicle history is also displayed with photos and details from the racing days.

Members are usually able to offer assistance in restorations and the finding of elusive parts.


Where it is known that a vehicle has been lost or destroyed, the Club will permit under strict

guidelines, the build of a replica.

This will enable the public to see vehicles that may have a unique place in speedway history, but would otherwise be lost.


Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each 2nd month. The usual format of the evening

commences with a short meeting followed by a guest speaker, usually topical to the history of speedway.


SACSA members are invited to many of the country and interstate speedways to take part in spirited

demonstrations of their vehicles. Within the Club there is a ‘Code Of Conduct’ to ensure that demonstrations are safe and orderly. Any transgression of these rules can see the offending person watching the rest of the meeting from the pits. SACSA also organize entire Classic Meetings inviting interstate clubs to display and demonstrate their historic speedway vehicles. These national meetings are conducted in a manner typical of what has been referred to as the golden years of Australian Speedway.


The Club participates in numerous static displays, at schools, fetes, motor shows, country shows etc. Members are able to display their vehicles and speak to members of  the public about their piece of speedway history.


The prime objectives of the Club are:

*To promote and encourage the

* preservation of speedway vehicles of yesteryear

* To present to the public authentic Vehicles

* To compile the history of speedway.


The Club is always eager to find items or relics of speedway history. This includes personal stories, film, photos, old programs, magazines, bikes and vehicles. If you are able to assist with any information please see one of our members, or contact the Club secretary. 


Membership of SACSA is open to any one who has an interest in historic speedway.

It is not necessary to have owned or driven a speedway vehicle. All that is required is an interest in preserving our speedway history. For those who may wish to own a bike or car, a little patience, searching can usually find something to restore.

Life Members


Paul Lawson / Pam Bissett

Ron Smith / John Moyle

Peter Caddy / John Scorgie

Dean Qualmann / Michael Qualmann

Robbie Casson / Ian Sweetman

Life members Known at this time if you wish to comment please email:

The committee will act upon it accordingly.        

Photo Dean Qualmann
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