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Current Driver



Built By and Year

Smokey Elliot and John Coope 1963

First Raced By and Year

Smokey Elliot and John Cooper Chas Scorgie 1963

Successive Drivers

Smokey Elliot, John Cooper, Chris & Chas Scorgie, Frank Stevens, Ray Skipper, Bob Sincock, Ron Burns, Peter Iusa, Michael Fyffe

Car Info /  Engine

Mercury Side Valve V8

Car Info /  Body


Car Info /  Gear Box


Major Placings

Special features

This car originally raced as yellow number 27. Who in his one and only race came fourth in the ten lap Sportsman race, but hit the fence after the conclusion of the race. When this was originally built it was one of the first cars to run a nose section.

Car Info /  Chassis & Frame

Car Chassis and Tube

Bought in 1998 by Charlie and Chris Scorgie
Restored to current condition.

Car Info /  Wheels


Car Info /  Front Axle

Car Info /  Rear Axle

Custom Line

Custom Line

Car Info /  Steering



Car Info /  Brakes


The car was taken over by Frank Stevens as no. 55 and painted blue. When Smokey Elliott had this vehicle, he painted it Black and Orange. Smokey was well known in whipping his car like a racehorse. Later the car was painted Red and White and owned by Ron Burns. The car later fitted with AJ Diff and raced as a Sportsman by Peter Iusa.

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